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“Just Say Mo” MET Golfer Extra (December 2014)

Here’s a short article that was published on page 12 of the December 2014 issue of the MET Golfer EXTRA.


Just Say Mo--MET Golfer Extra December 2014
Just Say Mo–MET Golfer Extra December 2014

A special thanks to Chris Powers at the MET Golfer and Ted Schechter for getting me in touch with the MET PGA.

6 thoughts on ““Just Say Mo” MET Golfer Extra (December 2014)”

  1. Hi my names Rory. I’m from Canada and have been thrown under the cracks in regards to my health encounter with mold. Since no one helped me, I had to dig myself. I have swelling in the back of my skull that has been disabling for months I am 4th year student who had straight A+ until I had toxins get into my blood stream. The symptoms after the hat well, you know how many I could list. I saw 37 doctors who called me a liar,never tested me, and just treated me like shit. I collected samples from the place I was in, I documented everything. The die off after I left almost killed me as well. My sinuses are destroyed and I lost most of my smell. I have blown out white long spores/hyphat out my nose ando have grown white mold out of my old belongings and plants that I had in that place. I went to the media which has landed me and appointment with an infectious disease specialist. Although I am healing in many ways, he is my last chance as my brain is still swollen on the back of my head and sides of my head. Often it swells up or goes numb. The mold did a number on my skin tissues as well. Reading your article gave me hope. I hope this specialist can a actually hear me out and treat it before I end up losing my life. Without friends and support I wouldn’t be alive. I have used naUtah remedies to ccontrol it in the time being. I’m also gonna graduate. I just hope that I don’t die shortly after. You’re a strong person. Def gave me hope

    1. Wow Rory, what a story you have there! I hope your infectious disease doctor takes you seriously and is able to help with your health issues. If at anyway possible you are able to get to Yale in New Haven, CT, I know the ID team and Dr. Topal would do the best they could. In the meantime, stay strong, stay hopeful, and keep fighting. The odds may be against you, but there is always a chance to prevail against the odds.

      1. Thanks for the reply. what a night mare it has been the last year since it started. The ridicule, and the ignorance made far worse. I would go to the ER in agony and they sent me home telling me I was fine. It was so messed up. The mold got into my tissue which as agony on its own. I have scars that look like aspergurillus hyphae to the tea and I have blown the hyphae ouyt my nose that look the same as the scars. I have spent so much money on natural shit that really does help. But I can’t get it out of my skull. the back of my head especially and behind the ears. I also got it on the side of my head and my sinuses flare up instantly if I am around any old clothing that I had from the old place. the feeling in my head is so strange, causes a lot of pressure,, which makes me vision go blurry and my hearing buzz or cut out. I have over 200 pictures of the damage it did to my skin and also I have found white mold identical to the white stuff that has come out my stool and nose. I have fought with it alone (minus the friends who are amazing) for almost a year. I cant count how many times I thought I was gonna die. When the swelling flares up. usually with food (sugar, yeast) I till get scared I’m going to die. Prior to the mold entering my blood and tissue, I had 2 sere prostate infections, a year long sinus infection, my throat would close, and it really affected me psychologically. After it entered my blood stream, I could write a novel of the places it attacked, the whole body swelling, the migraines, the attack on my hands and feet, the painful rashes, the blurred vision and extreme sensitivity to light. The only thng keeping me a live is the naturalathic remedies I use and my will to survivie. I try to to gym and meditate, which I have done for years, but on days when my brain swells that is not possible. I hope this doctor listens to me or I don’t know what I’m gonna do, or how long I can survive having swelling in my skull. I would love to make it down there, but the costs are too high for me to attain. I still have some fight in me, but I need to get better so I can grieve all that happened and what I have lost. I have had family call me a liar and we no longer talk, I have lost relationships with teachers that I had research projects with, I had to throw out every thing I own. I have faught and made it through school somehow, even tho my grades dropped, i was forced to eb homeless and sleep outside in the middle of the school because I didn’t want to losee my dream career right before I get a degree. I went to the news, and that article is the only reason I’m getting a appointment with a specialist. I really worry about the swelling in my head. I have spent more time defending that I am actually sick, than I have had any one even listen to what I have to say.

        THank you so much for your kind words.

      2. Just wanted to update. I finally fought my way to a infectious disease specialist I see on Friday. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as the disease is destroying my body in all areas. I have a feeling that this could the day I win the lottery of life! I hope to eventually get my cognition back,it’s been tough not thinking properly. Although I managed to pull through my social work degree. A path to a clean health would need a great grad gift!

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